Yes, the real estate market in Myrtle Beach remains strong!

Happy New Year!
Yes, the real estate market in the Myrtle Beach area remains strong. Our seller clients are still getting top prices even though there is some talk about a softer market.
When you hear the market is softer, it is... BUT, softer doesn't mean prices are falling. In the case of the Grand Strand real estate market, softer just means it is taking 45 days to sell the property versus 4-5 days. So, that is a strong market especially since we are still getting top prices.
Reasons Why The Market Is Really Good For Sellers Right Now:
#1. There is very little inventory for sale.... less supply means higher price
#2. Interest rates just adjusted down... when the cost of borrowing money decreases, demand is higher.
#3. The thought that inflation could be easing is creating buyer confidence and with confidence they start buying again.
If you are thinking of selling then please call me ASAP... we may already have a buyer in our database... And, if I have the buyer than you can save on the commission
Please let me know when you are thinking of buying or selling in the area, I will make sure I represent you well.


-Greg Harrelson

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