The Only True Done For You Real Estate System in the Industry

Done for You

Lead Generation: Done For You

We recommend you follow our coaching for optimization of your business. In addition to the unique way’s that you generate business, we do the following for you:

• Buyer Lead Generation

o Our team of trained online prospectors will call, text and email the company database daily looking for leads to route to you.
o Full time prospectors that are working daily to generate buyer leads
o PPC advertising Done For You
o Zillow lead generation Done For You
o Buyer retargeting to your database Done For You
o Monthly Buyer Newsletter Done For You

• Seller Lead Generation

o Our team of trained online prospectors will call, text and email the company database daily looking for leads to route to you.
o Full time prospectors that are working daily to generate buyer leads
o Daily lead generation using our Online Seller Marketing Tools
o We identify seller leads daily
o Monthly Seller Newsletter Done For You
o Seller retargeting to your database Done For You

Lead Nurture: Done For You

You will want to meet with leadership to determine the balance needed between company generated leads and personally generated leads. This will be determined by your goals for number of sales.

Did you know it takes nearly 8-18 months before your next lead will actually purchase a property?

The challenge with leads today is how much work it takes the agent to nurture their leads before they convert to revenue. All leads are quality yet some of them are higher in the sales funnel.

We will do the hard work for you.

We have the nurturing systems in place to help you manage the relationship through the 3 Phases of The Home Buying Process:

  1. The Dreaming Phase
  2. The Exploratory Phase
  3. The Buying Phase

There is a lot of commissions lost because the agent doesn’t have the time to invest in taking the buyer through the 3 phases. This is what we do for you.

You initially get the lead…if you find out they are in the dreaming phase, we will help you nurture them and make sure you know when they are ready to start looking. You don’t have to waste your time chasing a lead who isn’t ready… you need to be out there working with the next one who’s wanting to look today.

We Nurture For You in Many Ways:

• Database Workflows (drip campaign)• Weekly Hot Listings
• Proprietary Lead Identification Strategies (notify you when your leads are raising their hands)
• PPC retargeting ads
• Social Media Advertising
• Provide Real Time Engagement Reporting
• Communication Expert Team
      o Prospect daily to capture and deliver buyer and seller leads
      o Update the status of your dead leads

We understand that there is no such thing as a dead lead. But we do notice that sometimes leads go dormant. We will keep them alive for you.

If leads stop engaging, we will run a re-engagement campaign on them.

If leads aren’t responding…let us handle it!  We will get them to respond or get them out of your database so you don’t have to be distracted.

New Listing Marketing: Done For You

Congratulations, you got a new listing!

Now is where the hard work begins...Marketing.

The seller is expecting a lot of marketing on there listing. We know that you do not have the time meet their expectations in a timely manner while continuing to find your next deal.

We do this for you:

• We enter into MLS for you
• Blog Listing on Google Business Page
• Pictures On Pinterest
• Facebook Posting
• Blog on Company Website
• Blog on Active Rain
• YouTube Video of your Listing
• Unique Property Website
• Listed on C21 Global Site (
• We provide the For Sale sign free
• Placed on Tuesday’s Top New Listings
• We create property flyer for your distribution
• Open House
     o If you do an Open House then we promote for you
     o Create Open House E-Flyer
     o Promote On Social Media
     o Advertise in MLS
     o Advertise on Zillow
• And more…

After all of this is done, we also complete an Online Marketing Report for you to send to your seller so they what you are doing for them.

Transaction Management: Done For You

Working our leads and making a sale will prove to be the easier part of the sales process. The real hard work comes after the contract is signed and now you have to get it closed.

Just a few things our experienced closing department Does For You:

• Check the contract to make sure it is in compliance
• Coordinate and make sure all contingencies are met on time
• Process home warranty
• Send documents to attorney
• Coordinate with lender (if financed)
• Give agents updates on the transaction
• Help resolve home inspection negotiations
• Renegotiate when necessary
• Assist with insurance quote and processing
• Work with paralegals to meet all closing requirements and get to closing
• Schedule closing and notify agent of that time and date
• Communicate with agents client to make sure they are informed throughout the process.
• Make sure your check is delivered and you get paid
• Much more…

What Else Do We Do For You?

As you can imagine, our competitors are looking at this information so we have to keep some things to ourselves.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you Level Up your real estate business while having more time to spend doing the things you love both business and personal, please give us a call or shoot us an email. We would love to help you build your business!

How many sales could you really do if you had your tedious tasks Done For You?

Let us do the heavy lifting so you can do what you enjoy best; work with motivated buyers and sellers!

Our Century 21 offices has the staff, leads, systems and resources to bring you the only true Done For You real estate system.

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