Newberry Historical Facts

The town was named after John Newberry, an Englishman who settled in the area in 1754.

Newberry was then founded in 1769 by Swiss and German settlers who were brought over by Lord William Berkeley. It became a prosperous town due to its location on the Santa Fe and Charleston Railroad line.

In 1868, Newberry College was founded as a private liberal arts college. It is now a comprehensive four-year institution with an enrollment of over 1,700 students.

The city's economy is driven by agriculture and manufacturing. Newberry is home to many different businesses, including Kibler Lumber Company, Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company, and Pactiv Corporation.

The city is also home to a variety of cultural attractions, including the Newberry Opera House and the Newberry County Historical Museum.

Newberry County Historical Facts

Newberry County was established in 1769 and was named for John Newberry, a wealthy London merchant, and member of Parliament. The county seat is Newberry.

The area now known as Newberry County was originally part of the Ninety-Six District. In 1729 it became part of Camden District, which was divided in 1769 to form Orangeburgh and Granville Counties. A small section of northwest Newberry later became part of Laurens District (1785) and Greenwood County (1897).

The first European settlers in the area were English immigrants who came in the early 1700s to farm the land. These settlers brought with them their culture and traditions, which have shaped the county over the years.

One of the most important historical events in Newberry County is the Battle of Cowpens, which took place on January 17, 1781. This battle was a major turning point in the American Revolution, and it is commemorated each year with a reenactment.

Other notable historical sites in the county include Fort Chapin (a Civil War fort), historic downtown Newberry (with its Victorian architecture), and Bush River Plantation (one of the oldest plantations in South Carolina).

Fun Facts About Newberry

-Newberry was the site of the first cotton mill in South Carolina, which was built in 1793.

-The city was also home to the first female college in South Carolina, which opened its doors in 1856.

-During the Civil War, Newberry was occupied by Union troops and served as a hospital town.

-In 1868, Newberry became the first city in South Carolina to be governed by African Americans.

Why People Love To Move To Newberry South Carolina

The city has a strong community spirit and is home to several festivals and events throughout the year.

People love to move to Newberry for many reasons, including its historic downtown area, the friendly people, the abundance of recreational activities, and its small-town charm. The city is also close to both major cities (Charlotte and Columbia) and features a low cost of living compared to other areas of South Carolina. With plenty of job opportunities in the area and easy access to great schools, Newberry is an ideal location for families looking to relocate.

Final Thoughts

From its early beginnings as a small town in the backwoods of South Carolina to its growth into a thriving city during the Civil War era, to its present-day status as a quaint southern town, Newberry has come a long way.

Today, visitors can enjoy all that the city has to offer, from its charming downtown area to its many historical sites and museums. If you're looking for a place to relax and learn about American history, Newberry is definitely worth a visit.

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