Myrtle Beach Real Estate - Sales Down But Prices Up

Myrtle Beach Real Estate - Sales Down But Prices Up

The headline is correct, real estate closings in the Myrtle Beach area are down significantly but prices are actually up over 8%.

I know this is contrary to what most people would assume but this is exactly what the data shows. Of course, there are some pockets that are not performing as well but the over all market has seen increased sales prices.

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Market Stats Worthy Of Knowing

Residential Homes:

  • Closed sales down 45.2%
  • Pendings down 40.5%
  • New listings down 16.2%
  • Average sales price up 13.7%
  • Average days on market 80 days


  • Closed sales down 48%
  • Pending's down 45.1%
  • New listings down 23.8%
  • Average sales price up 16.9%
  • Average days on market 82 days

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